At first, it seemed like bad timing. However, in retrospect, Andrew Winnett’s decision to become a financial advisor in 2007 was fortuitous in many ways.

The global financial meltdown of 2007-08 provided Andrew an opportunity to learn everything NOT to do when growing and protecting wealth. He got to experience firsthand a gut-wrenching situation as the meltdown forced his mentor to explain to clients why they had lost 30-40% of the value of their portfolios.

Andrew Winnett decided never to have that conversation with his clients. EVER. He told himself that losing a client’s money is not an option.

The lessons Andrew learned came into play in his own life when his father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 45, leaving his mother a young widow with two children still at home. Thankfully, Andrew’s mom received some life insurance money, but she didn’t understand the best way to manage that lump sum.

As would most of us, Andrew’s mother sought advice from a financial professional and decided to invest in the market. Andrew later reviewed her statement and was shocked to discover how much of his mother’s market gains had been eaten up by fees and commissions. He made it his mission to help his mother find less costly alternatives to these fee-laden accounts, a way to ensure she would not outlive her savings, even if she lived to be 100. To accomplish this, he needed something that would be risk-averse, with no fees, and have reasonable growth.

Andrew’s search led him to discover the real truth about money and an entirely new selection of products that did everything his mother needed to achieve her goals. Since that time, Andrew’s mother has never had to pay another broker or administrative fee. She has achieved greater peace of mind and retired comfortably in her dream house.

Andrew knew that if his system solved his mother’s financial issues, it would also work for other people just like her. That’s why he founded Legacy Builders Wealth Management. Legacy Builders Wealth’s overarching purpose is to provide logical, efficient, and systematic solutions to the financial services industry’s shortcomings. These deficiencies often prevent ordinary people from achieving financial independence.

Legacy Builders Wealth Management was recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing financial firms (2017-2020), possessing the skillsets and safe money tools needed to accomplish a better-built financial services practice. Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, and serving clients across the nation, Andrew’s team at Legacy Builders Wealth Management has over 5,000 clients who’ve realized their ideal retirements, removed stress from the process of wealth-building, and developed greater peace of mind.

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • What will it take to retire in today’s insanely volatile economy?
  • How can I have more wealth with less risk while paying fewer taxes?
  • Is there a way to ensure I won’t run out of money when I stop working?

Then you definitely want to start a conversation with the Legacy Builders Wealth Management staff. You’ll find their non-nonsense, transparent process refreshing, positive, and hopeful. Rather than forcing you into buying products you don’t understand or need, Legacy will help you discover the decisions that feel right to you, even if you decide to do nothing at all. No pressure. No hassle. No strings attached.

Now is the very best time to pull out of the chaos and disarray and partner with a trusted, competent financial advisor who listens. Contact Andrew today or make an appointment with him here:

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