“Are you WELL? (a Woman Empowered and Living Large?)”- Renee Chamberlain

As of 2020, women worldwide control an astounding $72 trillion in assets.  They also own 34% of all private businesses.

80% of women control the buying decisions in their households.

Yet, in spite of this amazing financial power, 73% of women surveyed express dissatisfaction with their financial services providers.   Many believe that most financial advisors don’t understand their unique perspectives and needs.

Renee Chamberlain is on a mission to change that statistic…forever.  Developed with successful entrepreneurial women and women government employees in mind, Renee’s approach to financial services specifically addresses the challenges faced by women as they take control of the world’s wealth.  If you’re a woman looking to discover more about how money really works, and to enjoy the journey to greater prosperity, then you should definitely connect with Renee Chamberlain.

About Renee:

Blessed with an abundance of good will, common sense, and humor, Renee’s small town American roots are at the core of her solid values and integrity.  Growing up in rural southwest Wisconsin, Renee was exposed to, and inspired by, the blue collar work ethic that today informs her financial services practice.

Both men and women clients love Renee’s attention to detail and desire to help them gain clarity with regard to their money.   Renee recognizes that everyone’s relationship with money is different, so her process is customized to reflect those differences, ensuring alignment with her clients’ goals, needs, and risk tolerances.

Renee received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where she was active and engaged in campus life. She also served on the executive board of Women In Management, and volunteered for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Proud to be a Cheesehead, Renee makes the most of her free time by being “one of those moms” cheering her kids’ sports activities and sometimes questioning referees (politely, of course).  She loves the outdoors, animals, barbecues, travel, and meeting new clients just like you.

Web Site: rjcfinancial.com

Learning Center: rjcfinancial.retirevo.com

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