How to plan your retirement in an unpredictable economy

By Debra May As the world edges toward recession, it's clear that retiring in such volatile circumstances requires a more flexible, creative approach. If you want or need to stop working in the next 2-3 years, giving up your paycheck can be anxiety-inducing, especially if your portfolio has lost significant value. You might see life [...]

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Ken May: Can you afford to lose even one percent of your retirement portfolio?

by Ken May I don't know about you, but I'm not one to have a "set it and forget it" mindset regarding my retirement accounts. I want to know what investments account managers make with my hard-earned money. I also want to understand every fee I'm paying and its impact on my wealth. Most of [...]

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Uncertainty may be your best friend, even when it feels like your worst enemy

“There is a plethora of companies, products, and services focused on helping us reduce anxiety by filling in the blanks of our future lives.  But what if uncertainty is sometimes a good thing?”- Debra May   By Debra May Biology created a human brain exceptionally resistant to, and fearful of, uncertainty.  When you watch the [...]

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What is “sequencing” risk and how can you protect against it?

by Debra May A "sequence of returns risk" or "sequencing risk," is a situation created by a combination in which returns are generated, then withdrawn from a portfolio, particularly in the decumulation (retirement) phase of life. Normally, if you aren’t investing regularly or making systematic withdrawals, the order in which your returns occur has little [...]

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Debra May, The Small Business Doctor Inc.

I became licensed in health and life insurance in the State of Michigan in 2007, and I collaborate with clients who are looking for solutions to their BIG FINANCIAL Questions: How can I have the retirement income I need without the worry of running out of money? How can I build a financial plan that [...]

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