Safe Space Podcast: Donna McElroy sings the praises of lifetime streams of income in retirement…and more.

re: INCOME is the thing... Many planners are so focused on helping you accumulate lots of money and invest it, that they forget the hands-down, most critical element in retirement. It's INCOME.  Where will your money come from when you no longer get a paycheck?   Thinking Social Security will see you through until you're cold [...]

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Donna McElroy, Financial Investment Services

Caring and personable, Donna McElroy embodies the essence of Southern charm and hospitality.  Donna seeks to re-imagine what a financial consultant and educator in New Orleans can and should be.  People meeting Donna for the first time find her warmth, empathy, and approach-ability captivating and refreshing. Donna's clients value her not only as their go-to [...]

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