Safe Space Podcast: Donna McElroy sings the praises of lifetime streams of income in retirement…and more.

re: INCOME is the thing... Many planners are so focused on helping you accumulate lots of money and invest it, that they forget the hands-down, most critical element in retirement. It's INCOME.  Where will your money come from when you no longer get a paycheck?   Thinking Social Security will see you through until you're cold [...]

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Donna McElroy: Can working seniors contribute to Health Savings Accounts?

"You may be one of the many people over 65 who are making Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions. Be sure you are following  the rules to the letter." Donna McElroy.   By Donna McElroy Most clients know I am a big fan of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). HSAs can potentially save people THOUSANDS of dollars [...]

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Donna McElroy: Should you retire when you turn 65?

Is there truly an "ideal" retirement age? "Retiring at age 65 is not, like gravity, an immutable law of the universe." Donna McElroy By Donna McElroy Have you heard... There were three wise men in the Bible? If you drop a penny from a skyscraper, you could kill someone? A pinch of salt in the [...]

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Donna McElroy: Worried about having enough money to retire? You’re not alone.

  By Donna McElroy Barring potentially unpopular reforms to Social Security and changes to the ways Americans save, most seniors risk running out of money early during their retirement years. There are numerous proposals to expand retirement savings, and some states have implemented automatic-IRA systems for private-sector workers. Still, the politicization of retirement [...]

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Donna McElroy, Financial Investment Services

Caring and personable, Donna McElroy embodies the essence of Southern charm and hospitality.  Donna seeks to re-imagine what a financial consultant and educator in New Orleans can and should be.  People meeting Donna for the first time find her warmth, empathy, and approach-ability captivating and refreshing. Donna's clients value her not only as their go-to [...]

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