Eric Coons: What are indexes, and how can you invest in them?

A stock market index is an investing tool that tracks the performance of a group of stocks or assets, giving investors a quicker, more straightforward method of gauging the market or a market sector's overall health. Although many Americans believe stock market indexes are inventions of the modern information age, they've been around for over [...]

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Can a fixed index annuity help you lock in gains and avoid losses?

Authored By Ken Reeves, Apex Financial Group How does a fixed index annuity help you lock in gains and avoid losses? In an unpredictable economic environment, there seems to be no haven for your cash. The lack of a safe place for money is one reason people choose fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) as the cornerstone [...]

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Lawrence Castillo, L&C Retirement

For nearly 40 years, Lawrence Castillo has passionately advocated for business owners, pre-retirees and retirees to assist them in achieving safer, sounder retirements, creating legacies for their loved ones, and avoiding outliving their savings. A popular speaker and New Mexico-based radio host, Lawrence espouses a common-sense, practical approach to wealth creation and asset protection. His [...]

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