Eric Coons: What are indexes, and how can you invest in them?

A stock market index is an investing tool that tracks the performance of a group of stocks or assets, giving investors a quicker, more straightforward method of gauging the market or a market sector's overall health. Although many Americans believe stock market indexes are inventions of the modern information age, they've been around for over [...]

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The most “boring” product you’ll ever own?

By Jerry Yu Several years ago, a successful career woman named Julia purchased a million-dollar life insurance policy from me. Many of Julia's family and friends questioned her decision. After all, they pointed out, she was only forty-six years old, in excellent health, and had very little debt. She and her husband earned a good [...]

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What is an ILIT trust, and what advantages does it offer?

"I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV. If you are thinking about making any legal or financial decisions, you should ALWAYS consult a qualified attorney and your personal financial advisor. Having expert advice will help you avoid making mistakes from which you can't recover." George Politarhos. By George Politarhos As [...]

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George Politarhos: Is the “4% Rule” History?

Today's frequent market upheavals could spell trouble for retirees and those about to retire. Increasingly, financial advisors are rethinking the traditional 4% withdrawal model." George Politarhos.   By George Politarhos   Pandemic lockdown measures, profligate printing, geopolitical unrest, and the inevitable march of history have collided in 2022, making financial planning more challenging than ever. [...]

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