Jerry Yu: How to Deal With Long Term Care

In this short video, Southern California income advisor Jerry Yu explains why, if you don't have provision for LTC needs, your retirement plan is less than stable. Check out my other LTC content below:

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Caution! Don’t get stuck with a “just-in-case” retirement plan, with Jerry Yu

Do you have a "Just In Case" Retirement plan?  If so, that's something you definitely don't want.  Discover how to move from "just in case" to "as prepared as possible" in this short video from California's most trusted financial advisor, Jerry Yu. Discover more! Jerry Yu Reign Financial - The Family Money Doctor Check my [...]

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Jerry Yu: How do you use life insurance in estate planning?

In this short , but info-packed video, Orange County, California's top financial expert, Jerry Yu, explains the hows and whys of using insurance in your financial planning.  If you are concerned about protecting what you've worked so hard to accumulate and create multi-generational wealth, then you'll definitely want to listen to what Jerry has to [...]

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Jerry Yu: Don’t put all your apples in Uncle Sam’s basket.

Tax planning is essential for retiree survival. By Jerry Yu As I explain in my new book, "Fortify Your Financial Kingdom," taxation doesn't magically disappear just because you've stopped punching a time clock. Far from being a past problem, taxes may be one of your most significant retirement expenses. If you plan on retiring but [...]

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Jerry Yu: Will your state REQUIRE you to have long term care insurance?

Authored By Jerry Yu, Reign Financial "New laws passed in several states will require employers to collect a payroll tax from employees who don't have private long-term care insurance." - Jerry Yu. Mandates may be coming soon to many states. A dramatic demographic shift is happening in the United States. By 2030, more Americans will [...]

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Jerry Yu: How multigenerational wealth is and isn’t created.

A tale of two grandpas... By Jerry Yu I first arrived in the United States from Taiwan, a teenaged boy who could barely manage a few words in English.  I clung to my Chinese-English dictionary hoping someone would understand me, and hoping I’d get the hang of this strange new Western culture. Because I was [...]

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Jerry Yu: Are you part of the “sandwich” generation?

Many of us in the sandwich generation toss and turn at night wondering if we'll manage to stay in control of our financial kingdoms." Jerry Yu By Jerry Yu If you' re like me, you may fall into a category known as the "sandwich; generation."  It's a term that describes people who still have children [...]

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How the SECURE Act could impact your retirement planning…

How will the SECURE Act affect YOUR retirement blueprint?  “The SECURE Act presents both challenges and opportunities for retirees if they act now…”- Jerry Yu.  By Jerry Yu Passed in 2019, the “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement” (SECURE) Act revised multiple aspects of retirement accounts and plans. The 29 provisions of [...]

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Jerry Yu: Economic upheaval is on the way; are you ready?

"A global recession is all but guaranteed. Now is the perfect opportunity to take steps to blunt the impact." - Jerry Yu Bubbles are bursting everywhere, from real estate to crypto to technology. Many economic analysts say a severe economic downturn, possibly on the order of the Great Depression, is all but inevitable in 2022-23. [...]

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Jerry Yu: Reign Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.   Financial educator and author Jerry Yu has dedicated his 20 plus year career to revealing startling truths about money. Jerry's articles, podcasts, and videos explain why many pre-retirees are facing challenging retirements, possibly running out of money before they run out of life. Jerry Yu specializes in educating ordinary Americans about powerful [...]

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