Besides Amber and Johnny’s courtroom drama, what’s the hottest news topic in 2022?

"In 2022, we are experiencing the fastest pace of consumer price and wage inflation in nearly 40 years. How can you navigate this volatile environment and come out with your nest egg intact?"  Ken May   By Ken May *Please note: I wrote this article for entertainment and educational purposes only and not to give [...]

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Ken May, The Small Business Doctor Inc.

For over 30 years, Ken May has been helping hard-working Americans avoid making mistakes with their money that could spell disaster in retirement.  Ken’s specialized knowledge in the area of business and personal taxation makes him uniquely qualified to design strategies so that his clients don’t pay more in tax than is legally required.   “Everyone [...]

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What is “sequencing” risk and how can you protect against it?

by Debra May A "sequence of returns risk" or "sequencing risk," is a situation created by a combination in which returns are generated, then withdrawn from a portfolio, particularly in the decumulation (retirement) phase of life. Normally, if you aren’t investing regularly or making systematic withdrawals, the order in which your returns occur has little [...]

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