Caution! Don’t get stuck with a “just-in-case” retirement plan, with Jerry Yu

Do you have a "Just In Case" Retirement plan?  If so, that's something you definitely don't want.  Discover how to move from "just in case" to "as prepared as possible" in this short video from California's most trusted financial advisor, Jerry Yu. Discover more! Jerry Yu Reign Financial - The Family Money Doctor Check my [...]

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Jerry Yu: How do you use life insurance in estate planning?

In this short , but info-packed video, Orange County, California's top financial expert, Jerry Yu, explains the hows and whys of using insurance in your financial planning.  If you are concerned about protecting what you've worked so hard to accumulate and create multi-generational wealth, then you'll definitely want to listen to what Jerry has to [...]

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Jerry Yu: How multigenerational wealth is and isn’t created.

A tale of two grandpas... By Jerry Yu I first arrived in the United States from Taiwan, a teenaged boy who could barely manage a few words in English.  I clung to my Chinese-English dictionary hoping someone would understand me, and hoping I’d get the hang of this strange new Western culture. Because I was [...]

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Safe Space Podcast: Meet the South’s Most Diligent Retirement Planner: Kenneth Reeves

Looking for a talented, reputable retirement and income planner to guide you through the current economic storm? ❓Are you ready to overcome your fears and build a safer, more resilient financial future, or will you simply ignore what’s happening in the world? ❓Have you built a strong fortress around your money, protecting it from the [...]

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Renee Chamberlain: Could your inheritance get HIJACKED?

Inheritance "hijacking" is on the rise. How can you protect yourself? "In the next twenty years, Americans stand to inherit more than $100 trillion. Unfortunately, some rightful heirs will never see a penny of their inheritances."- Renee Chamberlain   By Renee Chamberlain While it may seem like the script for a made-for-television movie, [...]

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Real Estate Investors, Syndicators, Business Owners: Protect yourselves NOW!

re: Latest podcast with Austin-based trusts, tax, and estate planning expert, Scott Royal Smith: In this podcast, attorney Scott Royal Smith explains why everyone, especially #realestatesyndicators and #realestateinvestors need to be concerned with protecting their assets. #realestateinvesting, #taxplanning, #tax-planning-real-estate, #assetprotection, #scottsmith, #scottsmithattorney, #estateplanningattorneys

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