Teresa Kuhn: What are BOLI and COLI?

What are BOLI and COLI and how can they help business owners?   "Bank-owned and company-owned life insurance (BOLI-COLI) has a proven track record of helping corporations fund executive compensation and improving their bottom lines." Teresa Kuhn.   By Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC An alternative to mutual funds, corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) is an investment [...]

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Teresa Kuhn asks, “Do you know the power of “personal financial engineering?”

by Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC, CSA *Teresa's latest book, "The 100 Year Real Estate Investor," is set to hit outlets, including Amazon, this fall.   When you become a 100 Year Real Estate investor, you harness the power of something our team likes to call the "Dual Asset Strategy or DAS." A dual asset strategy [...]

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The most “boring” product you’ll ever own?

By Jerry Yu Several years ago, a successful career woman named Julia purchased a million-dollar life insurance policy from me. Many of Julia's family and friends questioned her decision. After all, they pointed out, she was only forty-six years old, in excellent health, and had very little debt. She and her husband earned a good [...]

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Michael Travers, Michael J. Travers & Associates

Michael Travers enjoys working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed individuals who desire financial freedom. Using cutting edge products and strategies, Michael Travers and his staff help ordinary people access the same advanced tax savings strategies and asset protection enjoyed by the very wealthy. Travers solves for many of the issues faced by retirees [...]

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