Ransomware attack may have breached data of 254,000 Medicare beneficiaries

Authored By Giles Bruce CMS said a ransomware attack on a subcontractor may have affected as many as 254,000 Medicare beneficiaries and breached such personal data as Social Security numbers and bank account numbers. Healthcare Management Solutions, which processes Medicare eligibility, entitlement records and premium payments, experienced a ransomware attack Oct. 8, CMS said. The company is [...]

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Retiring before you are eligible for Medicare? Make sure you plan for the gap. Paul Hubbard

"If you or your spouse has some years between when they retire and when they had planned to retire, you may encounter the stress of finding affordable, quality health care coverage to bridge the gap until Medicare kicks in." Paul Hubbard III By Paul Hubbard A typical working-class couple, George and Delores' rigid adherence to [...]

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