“Stan the Annuity Man” 6 Benefits of a QLAC

Authored By Stan the Annuity Man. A Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) can be a valuable tool for retirees looking to secure their financial future. These annuities offer a unique set of benefits that can help ensure a stable retirement income. This blog post will discuss the key benefits of a QLAC and how it [...]

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Should you put an annuity in your IRA?

Many retirement planners advise their clients not to put an annuity in their qualified plan accounts. But is this always the best advice? By Daniel M. Stewart Stewart Wealth Advisors   Many retirement planners steer their clients away from using annuity products in qualified plans,such as IRA accounts. Putting a tax-deferred annuity into a retirement [...]

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