Ken Reeves: How do you retire during a recession or market downturn?

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial How does one retire during a recession or market downturn? In retirement, timing is everything, as it is in much of life. While attempting to retire during a financial downturn may seem unwise, many people may not have another choice.   By Ken Reeves Those who want or need [...]


Andrew Winnett: Protecting your retirement savings during a recession

"Recessions are not an ideal time for exposing your wealth to risk or taking on more debt." By Andrew Winnett According to a definition from the National Bureau of Economic Research, or NBER, a recession is a significant decline in economic activity that impacts broad sectors of the economy and lasts longer than a few [...]


Jerry Yu: Economic upheaval is on the way; are you ready?

"A global recession is all but guaranteed. Now is the perfect opportunity to take steps to blunt the impact." - Jerry Yu Bubbles are bursting everywhere, from real estate to crypto to technology. Many economic analysts say a severe economic downturn, possibly on the order of the Great Depression, is all but inevitable in 2022-23. [...]

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