Retiring before you are eligible for Medicare? Make sure you plan for the gap. Paul Hubbard

"If you or your spouse has some years between when they retire and when they had planned to retire, you may encounter the stress of finding affordable, quality health care coverage to bridge the gap until Medicare kicks in." Paul Hubbard III By Paul Hubbard A typical working-class couple, George and Delores' rigid adherence to [...]

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Seniors Feel Cheated As Inflation Dims Their Golden Years

Authored by Andrew Moran and Emel Akan via The Epoch Times For close to 47 million Americans, it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. Indeed, the current cost-of-living crisis devastating millions of seniors nationwide has forced many to look back at the choices they made throughout their prime working years. [...]

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55% of working Americans feel they are behind on retirement savings…

Authored By Lori Konish Here's how to catch up... Key Points High inflation has prompted many workers to put retirement savings on the back burner. But you could have regrets later if you neglect this long-term goal. As it has become more difficult to stretch a dollar at the grocery store and gas pump, some [...]

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The top qualities of debt-free and financially prosperous people- Ken Reeves

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial By Ken Reeves While there is no single quality that guarantees a person will be financially successful, there are some common traits the financially free have in common. I believe that anyone, especially those partnering with a dedicated, trusted financial advisor, can achieve financial freedom, no matter how small or large their [...]

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Paul Hubbard: MYGAs: Turning your savings into income

MYGA's can help turn your savings into income in retirement. by Paul Hubbard III Like most retirees, you may realize you need a way to transform your savings into income you can use when you no longer work. You've also probably heard a lot of misinformation and negativity about the best vehicles to accomplish that [...]

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Safe Space Podcast: Are you prepared for long-term care costs?

Most Americans will need long term care at some point in their lives.  It's expensive, and contrary to what most people think, not covered by Medicare.   Yet, long-term care planning is often overlooked by retirees and pre-retirees when putting together retirement blueprints.  In this short interview, well-known eldercare attorney and LTC planner Jim Koewler provides [...]

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Ken Reeves: How do you retire during a recession or market downturn?

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial How does one retire during a recession or market downturn? In retirement, timing is everything, as it is in much of life. While attempting to retire during a financial downturn may seem unwise, many people may not have another choice.   By Ken Reeves Those who want or need [...]

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Sean Sparkman: What is a registered index-linked annuity (RILA)?

by Sean Sparkman And how do RILAs  differ from a fixed- index annuities?   Both fixed-index annuities (FIAs) and registered index-linked annuities (RILAs) are products that create additional income streams in retirement.  However, the two types of products differ in their risk levels of risk exposure. FIA contracts ensure the safety of your initial investment [...]

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Jim Fish: What is a long-term care annuity and should you have one?

"Most Americans know they're likely to need some kind of long term care, but few know exactly how they'll pay for it."- Jim Fish by Jim Fish Jane and her husband Dave were only two years into retirement when they received devastating news.  Dave, who had been experiencing symptoms he jokingly referred to as "senior [...]

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Orlando McCall: Should anyone under 40 purchase an annuity?”

Should a younger investor consider buying an annuity?  When they align with a person's risk tolerance and financial goals, annuities can be powerful additions to anyone's investment portfolio, even those many years away from retirement. If you value moderate, steady growth with guaranteed protection of your principal or are concerned you'll outlive your savings; an [...]

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