Social Security basics you should you know if you plan on retiring soon

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial “As highlighted by a recent Nationwide Retirement Institute poll, most Americans are woefully lacking in basic Social Security knowledge. This education gap can result in mistakes that will impact your entire life.”- Ken Reeves. By Ken Reeves When discussing Social Security, there is a demonstrable and concerning lack of [...]

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The top qualities of debt-free and financially prosperous people- Ken Reeves

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial By Ken Reeves While there is no single quality that guarantees a person will be financially successful, there are some common traits the financially free have in common. I believe that anyone, especially those partnering with a dedicated, trusted financial advisor, can achieve financial freedom, no matter how small or large their [...]

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Sean Sparkman: What is a registered index-linked annuity (RILA)?

by Sean Sparkman And how do RILAs  differ from a fixed- index annuities?   Both fixed-index annuities (FIAs) and registered index-linked annuities (RILAs) are products that create additional income streams in retirement.  However, the two types of products differ in their risk levels of risk exposure. FIA contracts ensure the safety of your initial investment [...]

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George Politarhos: If you have a TSP- don’t forget about the fees.

By George Politarhos The Thrift Savings Program (TSP) was initially designed to give active and retired federal personnel a simple, cost-effective 401-k type plan. The TSP has worked exceptionally well, perhaps even better than anticipated. Many retired feds have achieved self-made millionaire status because of their Thrift Savings Plan. Also, the TSP boasts some of [...]

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Kaiser Family: Why we chose Sean Sparkman as our retirement and income specialist.

Looking for a retirement and safe money advisor who can help you... no matter where you live?  Here what real clients say about what they were looking for in a financial advisor and why they chose Sean Sparkman...even though they never met him in person!

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Lawrence Castillo: For many Baby Boomers, retirement will be a “dangerous descent.”

"Getting down off the mountain can be as treacherous as the ascent, especially if you grow complacent." Lawrence Castillo By Lawrence Castillo Multiple surveys indicate that most Americans are concerned about outliving their money once they stop working. This fear is understandable, even justified, given our current high inflation and precarious economic situation. Beginning in [...]

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Brian Swerdlow, Anchor Financial Advisors, LLC

One of Illinois’ most trusted retirement income advisors, Brian Swerdlow is the founder and CEO of Anchor Financial Advisors, LLC, a Chicagoland planning firm. Brian works closely with his clients and their families to maximize their retirement income and Social Security benefits and ensure every dollar they save does the work of three or four [...]

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Help! My parents are getting a reverse mortgage! with Larry Speir Safe Space Podcast #4 features financial advisor and reverse mortgage specialist Larry Speir. 🚀 Larry's expertise is in reverse mortgages and creating retirement income. 🚀 Many seniors find themselves with high levels of debt or crushing medical bills as they enter retirement. In fact over 60% of seniors start their golden years [...]

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Sean Sparkman: Are you chasing after “fantastic Yieldacorns?”

"Some folks chase returns because they think it's the only way to achieve financial success. If you are caught in a cycle of trying to find the elusive "Yieldacorn," it might be time for a shift. “- Sean Sparkman.   By Sean Sparkman Suppose you're still in the "accumulation" stage of life, which typically starts [...]

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George Politarhos: Is the “4% Rule” History?

Today's frequent market upheavals could spell trouble for retirees and those about to retire. Increasingly, financial advisors are rethinking the traditional 4% withdrawal model." George Politarhos.   By George Politarhos   Pandemic lockdown measures, profligate printing, geopolitical unrest, and the inevitable march of history have collided in 2022, making financial planning more challenging than ever. [...]

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