Chano Arellano: Which of these four annuity types will best fit your retirement income plan?

"Choosing "safe money products" for your retirement involves gaining more clarity about what you need your money to do for you."   by Chano Arellano Annuities have existed since the days of the Roman Empire, yet some still view them as a product to avoid. If you listen to today's self-anointed retirement "experts," purchasing an [...]

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Jerry Yu: Don’t put all your apples in Uncle Sam’s basket.

Tax planning is essential for retiree survival. By Jerry Yu As I explain in my new book, "Fortify Your Financial Kingdom," taxation doesn't magically disappear just because you've stopped punching a time clock. Far from being a past problem, taxes may be one of your most significant retirement expenses. If you plan on retiring but [...]

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Paul Hubbard III: Hate annuities? Better Call Paul!

by Paul Hubbard III Since pensions have all but vanished in the 21st Century, the responsibility of designing their own retirement blueprints rests solely on the shoulders of older Americans. The challenge is that most of us do not possess the specialized training and skill sets necessary to create successful retirement plans. Modern money products [...]

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Deal or no deal? Options to reduce risk in retirement- Lawrence Castillo

By Lawrence Castillo From 2005-2019, one of the most popular programs on television was Deal or No Deal, hosted by comedian Howie Mandel. In this program, a contestant would choose one of 26 numbered briefcases at the start of the game. An identically-clad, glamorous model carried a briefcase filled with cash ranging from one cent [...]

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Larry Speir, Jet Direct Mortgage

Retirement planner and mortgage income specialist Larry Speir has some questions for people age 62 and older: *Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great retirement. Or do you worry about running out of money? *What if you had a way to be debt free (including your mortgage and college debt) in [...]

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Donna McElroy, Financial Investment Services

Caring and personable, Donna McElroy embodies the essence of Southern charm and hospitality.  Donna seeks to re-imagine what a financial consultant and educator in New Orleans can and should be.  People meeting Donna for the first time find her warmth, empathy, and approach-ability captivating and refreshing. Donna's clients value her not only as their go-to [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Could poor tax decisions wipe out your retirement savings?

"You've beaten the odds and managed to save a substantial amount of cash. Congratulations! But now you need to know how to keep taxes from eating it up." Andrew Winnett   By Andrew Winnett If you're like most people, you have focused a great deal of time and effort on putting as much [...]

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