Safe Space Podcast: Are you prepared for long-term care costs?

Most Americans will need long term care at some point in their lives.  It's expensive, and contrary to what most people think, not covered by Medicare.   Yet, long-term care planning is often overlooked by retirees and pre-retirees when putting together retirement blueprints.  In this short interview, well-known eldercare attorney and LTC planner Jim Koewler provides [...]

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Safe Space Podcast: Jim Fish: Maximizing your government benefits.

Los Angeles native Jim Fish enjoys working with diverse clients across California and the western U.S. who are looking for safe growth and protection of their money, especially as they get ready to retire. A licensed financial professional for over 15 years, Jim Fish has specialized training as a Federal Retirement Consultant. He is widely [...]

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Safe Space Podcast: Ellen Haygood of the Petersens Family Bluegrass Band

If you love traditional music, especially bluegrass, you'll enjoy getting to know Ellen Petersen Haygood of Branson, MO's  "The Petersens."   Having a bad day?  Check out their YT channel for videos that will have even the grumps of the world tapping their toes. #bluegrass, #traditionalmusic, #thepetersens, #petersenfamilyband, #ellenhaygood, #ellenpetersenhaygood, #bluegrassmusic, #bransonmissouri, #branson

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Safe Space Podcast: Donna McElroy sings the praises of lifetime streams of income in retirement…and more.

re: INCOME is the thing... Many planners are so focused on helping you accumulate lots of money and invest it, that they forget the hands-down, most critical element in retirement. It's INCOME.  Where will your money come from when you no longer get a paycheck?   Thinking Social Security will see you through until you're cold [...]

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