George Politarhos: Why do so many estate planners choose indexed universal life insurance?

"Indexed universal life insurance (IUL) has its' share of detractors. However, for some people it may be a powerful tool in protecting and growing their wealth." George Politarhos By George Politarhos Patria Wealth Group I'll be the first to admit, indexed universal life insurance isn't for everyone. Depending on your financial situation, goals, and risk [...]

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Real Estate Investors, Syndicators, Business Owners: Protect yourselves NOW!

re: Latest podcast with Austin-based trusts, tax, and estate planning expert, Scott Royal Smith: In this podcast, attorney Scott Royal Smith explains why everyone, especially #realestatesyndicators and #realestateinvestors need to be concerned with protecting their assets. #realestateinvesting, #taxplanning, #tax-planning-real-estate, #assetprotection, #scottsmith, #scottsmithattorney, #estateplanningattorneys

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Young, old, rich, poor- everyone needs estate planning and asset protection

🆕Safe Space Podcast :Highly rated Beverly Hills estate planning and trust attorney Leila Nakasaka Well-known Beverly Hills attorney Keila Nakasaka joins Tammy D. on this edition of the Safe Space podcast to discuss why estate planning and asset protection strategies are essential for EVERYONE, not only the very wealthy. In this 30 minute discussion Keila [...]

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What is an ILIT trust, and what advantages does it offer?

"I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV. If you are thinking about making any legal or financial decisions, you should ALWAYS consult a qualified attorney and your personal financial advisor. Having expert advice will help you avoid making mistakes from which you can't recover." George Politarhos. By George Politarhos As [...]

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