For over 30 years, Ken May has been helping hard-working Americans avoid making mistakes with their money that could spell disaster in retirement.  Ken’s specialized knowledge in the area of business and personal taxation makes him uniquely qualified to design strategies so that his clients don’t pay more in tax than is legally required.   “Everyone deserves to have greater peace of mind when it comes to their money, “says May.  “I believe that financial well-being isn’t just for the very wealthy.  It’s something anyone can and should obtain.”

Ken May works diligently to help his clients discover how money really works and to give the tools to make financial decisions which align with their core values and goals.   His guidance is relationship-based, rather than product-focused and he considers his clients as members of his extended family.  Ken May wants to give every person in his network the tools and skillsets to make decisions with their money that feel right to them.  He desires to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners achieve more confidence and greater clarity when it comes to financial life planning.

If you live in the greater Detroit area and are looking for someone with the specialized training and knowledge needed to help you create your ideal financial life,  reach out to accountant, insurance specialist, and financial advisor Ken May at:

The Small Business Doctor, Inc.

128 S. Forest St. P.O. Box 415 Standish, MI 48658


888-414-6400 Toll Free