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Caution! Don’t get stuck with a “just-in-case” retirement plan, with Jerry Yu

Do you have a "Just In Case" Retirement plan?  If so, that's something you definitely don't want.  Discover how to move from "just in case" to "as prepared as possible" in this short video from California's most trusted financial advisor, Jerry Yu. Discover more! Jerry Yu Reign Financial - The Family Money Doctor Check my [...]

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Jerry Yu: How do you use life insurance in estate planning?

In this short , but info-packed video, Orange County, California's top financial expert, Jerry Yu, explains the hows and whys of using insurance in your financial planning.  If you are concerned about protecting what you've worked so hard to accumulate and create multi-generational wealth, then you'll definitely want to listen to what Jerry has to [...]

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Jim Fish: Feds-Avoid TSP mistakes that could come back to haunt you!

By Jim Fish "Jack O'Lantern" of All Trades, Wizard of Federal Benefits   I'll admit that death is not one of my favorite topics of conversation.  But since I work in insurance and am writing this so close to Halloween, I can't help thinking about death from time to time even though Halloween treats death [...]

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Jerry Yu: What to do when asset bubbles are bursting

Authored By Jerry Yu, Reign Financial and Insurance Services If you were one of those fortunate enough to learn at least a smattering of economics in high school, you might recall hearing about the disturbing things known as "asset bubbles." Before discussing asset bubbles, we should first define the word "asset," which isn't as easy [...]

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Chano Arellano: Which of these four annuity types will best fit your retirement income plan?

"Choosing "safe money products" for your retirement involves gaining more clarity about what you need your money to do for you."   by Chano Arellano Annuities have existed since the days of the Roman Empire, yet some still view them as a product to avoid. If you listen to today's self-anointed retirement "experts," purchasing an [...]

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Paul Hubbard III: Hate annuities? Better Call Paul!

by Paul Hubbard III Since pensions have all but vanished in the 21st Century, the responsibility of designing their own retirement blueprints rests solely on the shoulders of older Americans. The challenge is that most of us do not possess the specialized training and skill sets necessary to create successful retirement plans. Modern money products [...]

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Eric Coons: All that glitters might help protect your wealth.

"Silver and gold, silver and gold. Everyone wishes for silver and gold. How do you measure its worth?- Silver and Gold, sung by Burl Ives.   By Eric Coons My purpose for writing this is to encourage those concerned about the fate of the dollar and other global currencies to educate themselves more about precious [...]

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Jim Fish: What is a long-term care annuity and should you have one?

"Most Americans know they're likely to need some kind of long term care, but few know exactly how they'll pay for it."- Jim Fish by Jim Fish Jane and her husband Dave were only two years into retirement when they received devastating news.  Dave, who had been experiencing symptoms he jokingly referred to as "senior [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Don’t become complacent during times of abundance.

By Andrew Winnett If you went to Sunday school or church growing up, you've probably heard the Old Testament story of Joseph. Here's a quick refresher: A young man has a dream, interprets the dream as a message from God, takes action, is ridiculed and abused, and winds up as an enslaved person. Then, because [...]

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Jerry Yu: How multigenerational wealth is and isn’t created.

A tale of two grandpas... By Jerry Yu I first arrived in the United States from Taiwan, a teenaged boy who could barely manage a few words in English.  I clung to my Chinese-English dictionary hoping someone would understand me, and hoping I’d get the hang of this strange new Western culture. Because I was [...]

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