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Jerry Yu: How to Deal With Long Term Care

In this short video, Southern California income advisor Jerry Yu explains why, if you don't have provision for LTC needs, your retirement plan is less than stable. Check out my other LTC content below:

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Retiring before you are eligible for Medicare? Make sure you plan for the gap. Paul Hubbard

"If you or your spouse has some years between when they retire and when they had planned to retire, you may encounter the stress of finding affordable, quality health care coverage to bridge the gap until Medicare kicks in." Paul Hubbard III By Paul Hubbard A typical working-class couple, George and Delores' rigid adherence to [...]

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Attention Federal Employees:FLTCIP on the ropes as OPM Suspends Long-Term Care Insurance Applications

"OPM and its FLTCIP carrier say they need time to assess the program so that rates are more reasonable and sustainable." Jim Fish   by Jim Fish If you are not already enrolled in the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) but are planning on doing so, you should count on delays with your application [...]

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How to plan your retirement in an unpredictable economy

By Debra May As the world edges toward recession, it's clear that retiring in such volatile circumstances requires a more flexible, creative approach. If you want or need to stop working in the next 2-3 years, giving up your paycheck can be anxiety-inducing, especially if your portfolio has lost significant value. You might see life [...]

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Seniors Feel Cheated As Inflation Dims Their Golden Years

Authored by Andrew Moran and Emel Akan via The Epoch Times For close to 47 million Americans, it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. Indeed, the current cost-of-living crisis devastating millions of seniors nationwide has forced many to look back at the choices they made throughout their prime working years. [...]

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Caution! Don’t get stuck with a “just-in-case” retirement plan, with Jerry Yu

Do you have a "Just In Case" Retirement plan?  If so, that's something you definitely don't want.  Discover how to move from "just in case" to "as prepared as possible" in this short video from California's most trusted financial advisor, Jerry Yu. Discover more! Jerry Yu Reign Financial - The Family Money Doctor Check my [...]

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Will increased taxes impact your retirement?- Ken Reeves weighs in.

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial By Kenneth Reeves The so-called “theory of decreasing responsibility” says that although many seniors will have decreased income levels when they retire, they will also have fewer expenses and lower taxes. I call baloney on both these ideas. When clients come to me, they often believe that they will [...]

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Social Security basics you should you know if you plan on retiring soon

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial “As highlighted by a recent Nationwide Retirement Institute poll, most Americans are woefully lacking in basic Social Security knowledge. This education gap can result in mistakes that will impact your entire life.”- Ken Reeves. By Ken Reeves When discussing Social Security, there is a demonstrable and concerning lack of [...]

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55% of working Americans feel they are behind on retirement savings…

Authored By Lori Konish Here's how to catch up... Key Points High inflation has prompted many workers to put retirement savings on the back burner. But you could have regrets later if you neglect this long-term goal. As it has become more difficult to stretch a dollar at the grocery store and gas pump, some [...]

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Jim Fish: Feds-Avoid TSP mistakes that could come back to haunt you!

By Jim Fish "Jack O'Lantern" of All Trades, Wizard of Federal Benefits   I'll admit that death is not one of my favorite topics of conversation.  But since I work in insurance and am writing this so close to Halloween, I can't help thinking about death from time to time even though Halloween treats death [...]

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