re: What is a life settlement, anyway?

Life settlements expert Mark Mrky talks about another way older Americans could possibly improve

their cash flows in retirement, pay off debts, and leave a legacy for loved ones.

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Life settlements industry veteran Mark Mrky joins Tammy D. on the Safe Space podcast

to discuss how seniors may be able to raise cash by selling old policies they neither want nor need.

Many people don’t realize that life insurance policies are ASSETS that can be bought and sold in a marketplace, just like other assets.

In certain situations, you may be able to raise cash by selling a policy you no longer need or want, instead of simply returning it to the insurance company or letting it lapse.

Many people find that they can get three or four times more money by selling their policies in the marketplace rather than cashing them out.

If you are advisor or insurance agent, then you definitely need to discover more about life settlements and how they can help your clients.

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