Texas-based advisor and real estate syndicator John Berlet focuses on providing solutions for individuals, families, business owners, and accredited investors.

John is well-known in both the real estate and retirement income industries and is recognized for his depth of knowledge and expertise in helping his clients achieve financial longevity.

For over 40 years, John Berlet has assisted clients and investors in protecting their assets and income. He wants his clients to avoid common mistakes and unnecessary risks and get the most from every hard-earned dollar.

John Berlet specializes in:
✔Strategic 401k/IRA Rollover Planning
✔Tax mitigation strategies
✔Social Security Maximization
✔ Legacy and estate planning, including tax-free wealth transfer
✔”Fireproofing” retirement savings by reducing risk exposure.
✔1031 Exchanges and Opportunity Zone investing

Phone: 512-650-2653

Web site: tandemtrustfinancial.com

Safe Money Trends Articles: safemoneytrends.com/author/johnberlet

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