For nearly 40 years, Lawrence Castillo has passionately advocated for business owners, pre-retirees and retirees to assist them in achieving safer, sounder retirements, creating legacies for their loved ones, and avoiding outliving their savings.

A popular speaker and New Mexico-based radio host, Lawrence espouses a common-sense, practical approach to wealth creation and asset protection. His background in estate and retirement income planning provides him with unique insights into how money really works. Lawrence designs plans that are unique, customizable, and which align with his clients’ values, risk tolerance, and long-term money goals. Lawrence Castillo also assists those within a few years of retiring in maximizing their qualified workplace plans, such as 401ks or 403bs.

People who want lifetime income they can’t outlive, protection of principal, or to create a legacy or provide for long-term care, appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention to detail Lawrence includes in each financial blueprint. Even if you already have a financial plan in place, Lawrence is willing to be a second set of eyes. He can help you locate and avoid pitfalls and design flaws that might cause you to run out of money when you most need it. If you live in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area and would like a free consultation, reach out to Lawrence today at L&C Retirement (505) 798-2592.