Paul Hubbard, Net Net Financial· Ready to face the TRUTH about the economy and your finances, or would you rather put your head back under your pillow and pretend everything is OK?
· Want to know  what you can do to get ready for the coming economic storm, or would you prefer to stream a video and ignore the warning signs?
· Is your current retirement plan armored against the many things threatening to bring it down… or does it have holes big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through?
· Are you ready for the inevitable (Death, you know, the Grim Reaper) and do you have detailed instructions for your loved ones… or will your ashes wind up in a Folgers can in the tool shed?
· Can you afford to lose ANY money in your retirement accounts, or are you so rich that you don’t even care?

Better Call Paul!

Paul Hubbard III wants you to be PREPARED NOT SCARED and he wants to be your guide in the next phase of your financial life. (Retirement, you know, The Golden Years.)

Paul Hubbard III is a retirement advisor and is the president of Net Net Financial. While

Paul has a master’s degree in Organizational/Global Management, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA, he knows how unimportant that is to you as you face neverending assaults on your wealth. You just want to know “Can he help me navigate this relentlessly morphing economy?”

Why yes, yes he can.

Like it or not, it’s a global economy, and it’s getting ready to do a number on people who have taken on too much risk in their portfolios. If you are within a few years of retirement, you need to fight tooth and nail to protect that nest egg or dumb policymakers will crack it to bits with their ill-conceived and sinister maneuvers.

Paul Hubbard III is NOT your parents’ financial advisor. He isn’t out there pitching products just so he can grab up commissions. He is all about educating his clients so they won’t make mistakes with their money from which they will (sadly) not have enough time to recover. Paul wants you to grasp the fact that losing money is something you want to avoid like ghost chili pepper sauce on your nachos before bedtime.

Like Warren Buffett says, the first rule of finance is to not lose any money. (For the second rule of finance, see the first rule.) Paul Hubbard wants you to understand that losing “even” 20% of your money requires you to get a gain of 25% simply to return to where you started. If you find a safe, legit investment that gets you a 25% return, please call Paul. Trust me, he will want to know about that unicorn!

Paul’s passion and vision is helping extraordinary Americans just like you protect and safely grow their savings, then use that money to create lifetime income streams they won’t outlive. Paul knows that as cool as it sounds to live to 100+, living too long could create serious financial issues. (I mean, were we really meant to be playing pickleball and spades into our 90’s?)
Still, Paul has strategies for all you wannabe Methuselahs out there.

Paul has been married for an astounding 39 years, to the same woman in fact. He has three grown children he keeps encouraging to give him some grandkids soon. Paul grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan but moved to Atlanta because the food is a lot better and people in the south are so friendly.

When he’s not advocating for senior financial empowerment, Paul Hubbard III enjoys singing, playing acoustic guitar, riding his motorcycle, and a spirited game of ping pong. Call Paul Hubbard III today if you want a portfolio that’s designed to give you SANER, SAFER, growth and income, without all of that risky business, and discover that making your money work harder doesn’t have to be a stressful and boring endeavor.