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Chano Arellano, Building Equities LLC

Chano J. Arellano is a Financial Advisor with over 28 years experience in financial planning. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role as a Financial Advisor. His training and experience enables him to give personalized, one on one financial planning to his clients through a comprehensive and individualized financial plan. Helping [...]

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California’s top federal benefits advisor Jim Fish, Pier Financial Group

“There are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened.” Former Los Angeles Dodger Manager Tommy Lasorda.   Whether or not you like baseball, you can probably appreciate the intricate planning that goes into every inning of every game. Baseball [...]

Safe Money Strategist Eric Coons, Kaleidoscope Financial

Eric Coons is the owner of Kaleidoscope Financial, an independent insurance agency, located in Springdale, Arkansas. With 18 years of industry experience as an independent annuities broker, Eric manages over 200 million in Fixed and Indexed annuities with clients in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma. Eric is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table [...]

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Paul Hubbard III, Net Net Financial- Better Call Paul!

· Ready to face the TRUTH about the economy and your finances, or would you rather put your head back under your pillow and pretend everything is OK? · Want to know  what you can do to get ready for the coming economic storm, or would you prefer to stream a video and ignore the [...]

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Ken Reeves, Apex Financial Group

If you’re within ten years of retirement, Ken Reeves has a few questions for you. Are you ready to overcome your fears and build a safer, more resilient financial future, or will you simply ignore what’s happening in the world? Have you built a strong fortress around your money, protecting it from the many erosive [...]

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Orlando McCall, RCM Financial Group

Would you prefer tax-advantaged retirement solutions, or are you OK with paying more tax than necessary? Would having an additional income stream in retirement give you more peace of mind, or do you have plenty of money to last your entire retirement? Is providing a legacy for your loved ones important to you, or do [...]

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Lawrence Castillo, L&C Retirement

For nearly 40 years, Lawrence Castillo has passionately advocated for business owners, pre-retirees and retirees to assist them in achieving safer, sounder retirements, creating legacies for their loved ones, and avoiding outliving their savings. A popular speaker and New Mexico-based radio host, Lawrence espouses a common-sense, practical approach to wealth creation and asset protection. His [...]

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Renee Chamberlain, RJC Financial

“Are you WELL? (a Woman Empowered and Living Large?)"- Renee Chamberlain As of 2020, women worldwide control an astounding $72 trillion in assets.  They also own 34% of all private businesses. 80% of women control the buying decisions in their households. Yet, in spite of this amazing financial power, 73% of women surveyed express dissatisfaction with their financial services providers.   Many believe that most [...]

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John Berlet, Tandem Trust Financial

Texas-based advisor and real estate syndicator John Berlet focuses on providing solutions for individuals, families, business owners, and accredited investors. John is well-known in both the real estate and retirement income industries and is recognized for his depth of knowledge and expertise in helping his clients achieve financial longevity. For over 40 years, John Berlet [...]

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Larry Speir, Jet Direct Mortgage

Retirement planner and mortgage income specialist Larry Speir has some questions for people age 62 and older: *Are you 100% sure you are going to have a great retirement. Or do you worry about running out of money? *What if you had a way to be debt free (including your mortgage and college debt) in [...]

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