Sean Sparkman, Safe & Sound RetirementA fiduciary investment advisor, Sean Sparkman focuses on helping clients create the retirement income they’ll need not only to see them through market ups and downs but to increase over time as well.   Despite current market volatility and a challenging low interest rate environment, you still have options you can put in place right now to ensure that you do not run out of income.  Taking these actions will go a long way toward keeping your wealth protected from future market downturns.

Most financial advisors are more than happy to provide you with investment tips and growth opportunities for your portfolio.  However, few money professionals have the specialized training needed to convert your savings into a stream of long-term, sustainable income.  As a retirement income specialist, Sean has the skills and product knowledge to assist you in the spend-down phase of your financial life.  Retirees who work with Sean know they can spend their savings with greater confidence and less stress.

Sean Sparkman is available to address the needs of those about to leave their jobs or who have recently retired, across the United States.   As a full-service financial services provider, Sean Sparkman has the flexibility to meet digitally or in person with seniors looking for more flexibility, control, liquidity, and safety for their wealth.

See what Sean’s clients have to say about buying #financialservices and products online and about their experiences working with Sean.  Check out the videos below.

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