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Retiring before you are eligible for Medicare? Make sure you plan for the gap. Paul Hubbard

"If you or your spouse has some years between when they retire and when they had planned to retire, you may encounter the stress of finding affordable, quality health care coverage to bridge the gap until Medicare kicks in." Paul Hubbard III By Paul Hubbard A typical working-class couple, George and Delores' rigid adherence to [...]

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Paul Hubbard: MYGAs: Turning your savings into income

MYGA's can help turn your savings into income in retirement. by Paul Hubbard III Like most retirees, you may realize you need a way to transform your savings into income you can use when you no longer work. You've also probably heard a lot of misinformation and negativity about the best vehicles to accomplish that [...]

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Paul Hubbard III: Hate annuities? Better Call Paul!

by Paul Hubbard III Since pensions have all but vanished in the 21st Century, the responsibility of designing their own retirement blueprints rests solely on the shoulders of older Americans. The challenge is that most of us do not possess the specialized training and skill sets necessary to create successful retirement plans. Modern money products [...]

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Paul “Better Call Paul” Hubbard III:What is the “Great Unretirement?”

"The so-called "Great Unretirement," has been getting a lot of attention lately, but this trend is far from being a new phenomenon." Paul Hubbard III   By Paul Hubbard III The Great Unretirement is far from being a novel phenomenon. In 2020, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) did a study indicating that un-retiring has [...]

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