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If you’re within ten years of retirement, you need to know the answers to these questions:

❓Are you ready to overcome your fears and build a safer, more resilient financial future, or will you simply ignore what’s happening in the world?

❓Have you built a strong fortress around your money, protecting it from the many erosive forces that threaten it each and every day, or is your wealth at risk in a volatile market?

❓If you’re nearing retirement, do you have a solid plan for turning your savings into lifetime income, or are you planning to “wing it?”

❓Do you know how to maximize your Social Security and Medicare benefits, or will you risk making mistakes that will affect the rest of your retirement life? If you are looking to create a more successful “second act,” you’ll need to know the answers to these and other questions and then find an advisor who can provide effective solutions. A Certified Annuity Specialist, Medicare and Social Security expert, and retirement income planner, Kenneth Reeves has a passion for helping his clients discover how to get the most from every dollar.

Licensed in 14 states, Ken uses unique tools and techniques such as advanced insurance planning, tax mitigation, annuity laddering, and qualified plan (ex:401k/IRA) rollovers to build actionable strategies for his clients. Ken knows how critical it is in these troubled times for clients to gain more flexibility, use, and control of their money, and to have the ability to pivot on a moment’s notice. As principal and owner of Apex Financial Group LLC, Ken focuses on the unique challenges faced by today’s retirees and those about to retire.

Ken Reeves and his team possess the skills, training, and advanced education necessary to help clients protect what they’ve worked hard to save. Ken’s team seeks to position clients’ money so they won’t come up short once they no longer work. When Kenneth Reeves isn’t busy helping his clients create income streams and protect their wealth, he might be out hunting, scuba diving, golfing, skydiving, or spending time with his family. He invites anyone concerned about rising interest rates, takes hikes, or who believes they might not have enough money in retirement to reach out to him for a portfolio review or second opinion. (205) 235-2030