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A Certified Annuity Specialist, Medicare and Social Security expert, and retirement income planner, Kenneth Reeves has a passion for helping his clients discover how to get the most from every dollar.

Will increased taxes impact your retirement?- Ken Reeves weighs in.

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial By Kenneth Reeves The so-called “theory of decreasing responsibility” says that although many seniors will have decreased income levels when they retire, they will also have fewer expenses and lower taxes. I call baloney on both these ideas. When clients come to me, they often believe that they will [...]

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Social Security basics you should you know if you plan on retiring soon

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial “As highlighted by a recent Nationwide Retirement Institute poll, most Americans are woefully lacking in basic Social Security knowledge. This education gap can result in mistakes that will impact your entire life.”- Ken Reeves. By Ken Reeves When discussing Social Security, there is a demonstrable and concerning lack of [...]

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Ken Reeves: Advice for those afraid they’ll run out of money in retirement

Created By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial Alabama's most trusted retirement income planner, Ken Reeves drops another episode of "The Best Little Money Podcast in Alabama." (aka"Retirement Max Radio").  He asks the question that's often on the minds of those in or near retirement:  "Will my money last as long as I do?"  It's food for [...]

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The top qualities of debt-free and financially prosperous people- Ken Reeves

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial By Ken Reeves While there is no single quality that guarantees a person will be financially successful, there are some common traits the financially free have in common. I believe that anyone, especially those partnering with a dedicated, trusted financial advisor, can achieve financial freedom, no matter how small or large their [...]

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Ken Reeves: How do you retire during a recession or market downturn?

Authored By Kenneth Reeves, Apex Financial How does one retire during a recession or market downturn? In retirement, timing is everything, as it is in much of life. While attempting to retire during a financial downturn may seem unwise, many people may not have another choice.   By Ken Reeves Those who want or need [...]

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Can a fixed index annuity help you lock in gains and avoid losses?

Authored By Ken Reeves, Apex Financial Group How does a fixed index annuity help you lock in gains and avoid losses? In an unpredictable economic environment, there seems to be no haven for your cash. The lack of a safe place for money is one reason people choose fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) as the cornerstone [...]

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