re: INCOME is the thing…

Many planners are so focused on helping you accumulate lots of money and invest it, that they forget the hands-down, most critical element in retirement.

It’s INCOME.  Where will your money come from when you no longer get a paycheck?   Thinking Social Security will see you through until you’re cold in the grave? (think again…)

Most traditional financial planners don’t give their clients clear, workable plans for taking what they’ve saved and turning into income streams that will last A LIFETIME.

And, frankly, that’s a sure-fire way to ensure your retirement will be stressful, unhappy, and not at all prosperous.  Is that what you want?

New Orleans area retirement income specialist Donna McElroy

discusses why she chooses to help her clients focus on creating streams of lifetime income that they won’t outlive.  Because frankly, running out of money when you no longer work simply sucks.

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