“If you find your cash and other resources drying up, return to this one principle.

It’s probably the catalyst of all your current money woes.”-Andrew Winnett


By Andrew Winnett


The times we find ourselves in are precarious but not without precedent.

Economic boom-bust cycles, droughts, famine, and social upheaval have been with us since the beginning of written history, probably longer.

As long as our planet continues to travel around the sun, we will experience periods of economic uncertainty and political unrest.


You’ll need a mindset overhaul if you want to buffer against these up-and-down cycles. One focus, which might be new to some people, is in the area of management.

Mistakes made when managing life are usually the root cause of financial struggles.


In my book, The Joseph Strategy, I tell the story of when I worked as a ranch hand in Idaho. My supervisor at the ranch was a successful entrepreneur and the owner of multiple businesses. My boss was an “attention to detail” kind of guy and was constantly prodding me to change my thinking and to anticipate better those things around the ranch that needed attention.


Well, if you have ever owned or worked on a farm or ranch, you know that EVERYTHING needs attention nearly all the time. For instance, the pond drainage system on the ranch where I worked could get backed up with debris. The hayfields would get too much water if the irrigation levy didn’t get proper maintenance. If that occurred, too much crabgrass would grow, rendering the hay unusable or forcing it underwater. Less hay production meant the ranch had to purchase more hay from outside vendors, which could easily cost them thousands of dollars.


Knowing the potential for adverse outcomes, I learned to develop a hyper-vigilant mindset. I was constantly aware of the weather forecast.

My job required that I keep tabs on whether the wood that powered the boiler might get wet since that boiler provided energy for the entire ranch. I had to know which machines were exposed to the elements and might incur damage should it flood. I also had to know where the horses were and ensure the gates were closed. There was no time for me to daydream or lose focus. Management on the ranch was potentially a life and death matter.


I mention this story to emphasize that, like it or not, everything from finances to health to your emotional and spiritual needs demands attention and diligent management. When you consider your life, arranging everything to get the best possible outcomes may seem daunting. However, you won’t feel as overwhelmed when you grasp the idea that not everything requires your attention RIGHT NOW.


How we manage, protect, and grow our resources is the primary factor, I believe, in whether or not we get to “upgrade.” We all have a measure of resources: a job or business, house, car, retirement accounts, and other assets, and everyone has an opportunity to become an excellent steward of those things. For example, if you can’t manage an apartment you rent, you probably won’t do an excellent job running a home you own. If you own a business and can’t handle five employees, why should you be in charge of a company with 500 workers? If you lose large chunks of your retirement savings to fees and market volatility, how will you reasonably expect to enjoy your retirement?

Mindfulness and proactive management are the cornerstones of a more prosperous and abundant life and, ultimately, a more peaceful retirement. Deciding to pursue excellence and avoid the mediocrity that is the hallmark of modern life

For many, if not most, people, becoming a more efficient manager won’t be easy. However, once you can get a handle on the many moving parts of your life, you’ll have reduced stress, more positivity, and possibly more tremendous financial success. I’ve developed some effective protocols and guidelines you can use to start you on the journey, including The Joseph Strategy. If you’d like to begin your journey toward managing your life instead of being controlled by it, reach out to me at (615) 649-8222, and I will ensure you get what you need.

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