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Founder of Legacy Builders Wealth Management, which provides logical, efficient, and systematic solutions for the problems plaguing the financial services industry; deficiencies that keep ordinary people from achieving financial independence.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Battle Inflation

Andrew Winnett Legacy Builders Wealth Management Nashville's Most Trusted Financial Expert Andrew Winnett on WZTV, FOX 17, Nashville #Inflationtipsandtricks In this short interview, respected Nashville-area financial educator and planner Andrew Winnett unpacks the hot topic of #INFLATION, what it is , how it affects you and your retirement planning, and what steps [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Don’t become complacent during times of abundance.

By Andrew Winnett If you went to Sunday school or church growing up, you've probably heard the Old Testament story of Joseph. Here's a quick refresher: A young man has a dream, interprets the dream as a message from God, takes action, is ridiculed and abused, and winds up as an enslaved person. Then, because [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Life management is essential to ensure prosperity

"If you find your cash and other resources drying up, return to this one principle. It's probably the catalyst of all your current money woes."-Andrew Winnett   By Andrew Winnett   The times we find ourselves in are precarious but not without precedent. Economic boom-bust cycles, droughts, famine, and social upheaval have been with us [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Protecting your retirement savings during a recession

"Recessions are not an ideal time for exposing your wealth to risk or taking on more debt." By Andrew Winnett According to a definition from the National Bureau of Economic Research, or NBER, a recession is a significant decline in economic activity that impacts broad sectors of the economy and lasts longer than a few [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Three Ways to Protect Your Wealth Against Inflation

In this short, info-packed video, Nashville-area financial educator and planner Andrew Winnett unpacks the hot topic of #INFLATION, what it is , how it affects you and your retirement planning, and what steps you can take to buffer against it. Women especially are vulnerable to the ravages of the inflation beast due to the fact [...]

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What is sequence of returns risk?

"Volatility casts an enormous shadow over your future financial plans. Economic shocks tend to arrive unexpected and unwelcome, seemingly out of nowhere, to turn your most solidly-imagined goals upside down.When the primary assets generating the most significant part of your retirement income get the worst returns at the worst time, you're experiencing what's called a [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Will self-driving cars change your “golden years” forever?

"Self-driving cars have moved from science fiction into reality. As they become more common, they promise to change the transportation landscape for retirees."  Andrew Winnett By Andrew Winnett Americans hitting retirement face an increased risk of having accidents due to age-related issues such as poor eyesight, declining motor skills, and loss of cognitive ability. Sooner [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Is now the right time right for an annuity?

  Given our current economic situation, inflation risk is a genuine concern for those retiring within a few years. Concerns about inflation are also a typical objection seniors have when considering purchasing an annuity. Many of the more popular annuity products insurers offer only pay a fixed monthly income not adjusted for inflation. For example, [...]

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Andrew Winnett: Could poor tax decisions wipe out your retirement savings?

"You've beaten the odds and managed to save a substantial amount of cash. Congratulations! But now you need to know how to keep taxes from eating it up." Andrew Winnett   By Andrew Winnett If you're like most people, you have focused a great deal of time and effort on putting as much [...]

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