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I became licensed in health and life insurance in the State of Michigan in 2007, and I collaborate with clients who are looking for solutions to their BIG FINANCIAL Questions, like retirement income that they cannot outlive, financial plans that take consider taxes before and after retirement, protection from market volatility, and more.
Knowing how and when to use the right tool is a key part of the equation.

How to plan your retirement in an unpredictable economy

By Debra May As the world edges toward recession, it's clear that retiring in such volatile circumstances requires a more flexible, creative approach. If you want or need to stop working in the next 2-3 years, giving up your paycheck can be anxiety-inducing, especially if your portfolio has lost significant value. You might see life [...]

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Uncertainty may be your best friend, even when it feels like your worst enemy

“There is a plethora of companies, products, and services focused on helping us reduce anxiety by filling in the blanks of our future lives.  But what if uncertainty is sometimes a good thing?”- Debra May   By Debra May Biology created a human brain exceptionally resistant to, and fearful of, uncertainty.  When you watch the [...]

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What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

"If you're disabled before retirement age, should you retire early or apply for Social Security disability (SSDI)? – Debra May By Debra May Three of four Americans over age 65 have life-impacting medical conditions, including high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, and other chronic afflictions. These conditions often lead to disabilities. From a legal [...]

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What is “sequencing” risk and how can you protect against it?

by Debra May A "sequence of returns risk" or "sequencing risk," is a situation created by a combination in which returns are generated, then withdrawn from a portfolio, particularly in the decumulation (retirement) phase of life. Normally, if you aren’t investing regularly or making systematic withdrawals, the order in which your returns occur has little [...]

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