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Orlando’s extensive financial industry experience, along with his commonsense, client-focused approach, makes him a preferred provider of financial services in Georgia, Ohio, and the Carolinas.

Orlando McCall: Should anyone under 40 purchase an annuity?”

Should a younger investor consider buying an annuity?  When they align with a person's risk tolerance and financial goals, annuities can be powerful additions to anyone's investment portfolio, even those many years away from retirement. If you value moderate, steady growth with guaranteed protection of your principal or are concerned you'll outlive your savings; an [...]

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Orlando McCall: Should you roll your retirement plan into an annuity?

By Orlando McCall As you probably know, a 401(k) is a tax-deferred retirement account you can either get through an employer or on your own. You contribute money to the account in employer-sponsored plans, usually via a regular deduction from your paycheck. With a traditional 401k plan, your taxes on earnings are deferred until you [...]

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