In this short, info-packed video, Nashville-area financial educator and planner Andrew Winnett unpacks the hot topic of #INFLATION, what it is , how it affects you and your retirement planning, and what steps you can take to buffer against it. Women especially are vulnerable to the ravages of the inflation beast due to the fact that they are sometimes more hesitant to aggressively plan than men. Women who understand and pro-actively confront and address inflation’s impact on their wealth, however, will find themselves ahead of the game during an economic downturn. #inflation . #inflationhedge, #womenempowerment , #womenbusinessowners #retirementplanning ,#retirement #nashvillefinancialadvisors, #moneycoach #financialliteracy #womenandmoney Contact Andrew today, regardless of where you live in the USA 278 Franklin Rd., Suite 260 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 649-8222 Articles by #AndrewWinnett