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For business owners, Teresa’s unique skill set and team help clients protect what they’ve built and leverage the greatest asset they will ever own – their business. These strategic solutions provide the potential for maximum benefit now and in the future which enable her clients to focus on what’s important – running their business and doing what they love with the people they care about. (full Author Biography) | phone: (800) 382-0830 | sites: teresakuhn.retirevo.com, livingwealthyfinancial.com, livingwealthydentist.com, livingwealthyradio.com
My wish is to use my knowledge and experience in creating financial strategies to deliver the best solutions to my clients and to share the possibilities afforded by Bank On Yourself and other safe money strategies with as many people as possible.

Teresa Kuhn: What are BOLI and COLI?

What are BOLI and COLI and how can they help business owners?   "Bank-owned and company-owned life insurance (BOLI-COLI) has a proven track record of helping corporations fund executive compensation and improving their bottom lines." Teresa Kuhn.   By Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC An alternative to mutual funds, corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) is an investment [...]

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Teresa Kuhn asks, “Do you know the power of “personal financial engineering?”

by Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC, CSA *Teresa's latest book, "The 100 Year Real Estate Investor," is set to hit outlets, including Amazon, this fall.   When you become a 100 Year Real Estate investor, you harness the power of something our team likes to call the "Dual Asset Strategy or DAS." A dual asset strategy [...]

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Teresa Kuhn: Do you have a “financial response team”?

Reach out to me now at 800-382-0830 "It's scary right now in the economy. That's why you need an advisor who stays in touch and keeps track of what's happening in the world."- Teresa Kuhn by Teresa Kuhn Suppose you're like most people within 5-7 years of retirement. In that case, you're probably [...]

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Teresa Kuhn: Investors can benefit from using a “dual-asset” approach to wealth-building

by Teresa Kuhn, JD. RFC Living Wealthy Financial   In its simplest form, the Dual Asset Strategy (DAS) is a way to describe the process of using value inside a specially-engineered whole life policy to invest in real estate or other cash-flowing businesses.  First articulated by veteran real estate educators and investors Jake and Gino [...]

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Bubbles bubbles, the world is in trouble.

"It doesn't seem as if we learned a thing from the "Great Recession of 2008-09." Teresa Kuhn By Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC, CSA If you're like many of my clients, you probably wonder how much your prosperity and financial security depends on outside forces, people and events you can neither predict nor control. [...]

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Teresa Kuhn: Is buying term and investing the difference your best option?

"Buy term and invest the difference" is a piece of financial advice most people would be wise to ignore."- Teresa Kuhn. By Teresa Kuhn, JD, RFC, CSA Years after being discredited by most many financial advisors and educators, "buy term and invest the difference," or BTID, is still going strong in some circles. [...]

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Teresa Kuhn: The difference between those who are wealthy and those who die broke.

Since I work with both middle class and high net worth individuals and business owners, I have observed the actions and traits that set these two groups apart. These are things that anyone, regardless of their education, background, or current financial status, can employ to improve the odds of financial success.

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