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“It’s scary right now in the economy. That’s why you need an advisor who stays in touch and keeps track of what’s happening in the world.”- Teresa Kuhn

by Teresa Kuhn

Suppose you’re like most people within 5-7 years of retirement. In that case, you’re probably concerned about having your life’s savings eaten away by everything from market volatility to never-ending inflation to higher taxes, fees, and administrative costs. 

I often get calls from concerned business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. Often, these people have asset portfolios being eaten away by multiple erosive forces, such as inflation and taxes. 

I bet you are like many of the people reaching out to me. You justifiably worry about your chances of having a safe and prosperous retirement. You want to know the state of retirement planning, what our chaotic and unpredictable economy will look like going forward, and how ordinary Americans can protect wealth and maintain their lifestyles when they either want or need to stop working. You’d like to discover how to create a less stressful, more prosperous post-career life despite the downward spiral.  

  • Are you someone looking to blunt the impact of harmful monetary policies on your wealth and cash-flowing investments?
  • Do you want safeguards to ensure your investment money works harder than ever?
  • Do you worry about running out of cash if you want or need to exit your job or business?
  • Are you considering reallocating and repositioning assets to protect them against market risk and inflation?
  • Will you need to regroup and incorporate strategies into your comprehensive planning that better reflect your current financial situation?
  • Would a specially-designed whole life insurance policy mesh well with your current needs and goals?

Though it may seem complicated, even impossible, to break past the doom and gloom and create actionable money strategies that work, partnering with an income specialist can help.

Finding a committed financial professional who shares your values and understands your need for greater peace of mind is essential. By fostering awareness of your current situation and providing targeted strategic planning, a competent planner identifies changes in your financial situation and incorporates them into a well-designed economic blueprint.

A lack of consistent communication between advisor and client can mean you might not review your plan as often as you should. Many of my clients have told me their past experiences with financial professionals haven’t always gone as expected. Some said that after they bought a money solution from their agent or advisor, they never heard from that person again. 

Knowledge is critical if you want to avoid making poor money decisions. I suggest you create what I call your  “financial response team.”  Put together your short list of experienced, client-focused agents, advisors, and consultants to help you leverage every dollar you save.  

It would help if you included specialists in taxation, law, finances, investing, and retirement income to guide you through the complexities of financial life. A good team can lead you to decisions congruent with your values, goals, and attitudes toward money and risk.

You are not the same person right now as you were at the beginning of your financial life. That’s why you may benefit from having a team of trusted experts to assist you in discovering how to maximize and protect every dollar you make and save.